Carpenter Ant

Carpenter Ant

Re-purposes wood

You know how many ant-chairs you can make out of one mallet? Like, 6 at least!

Carpenter Ant held the coveted title of Current Champ from Tuesday, February 23, 2010 to Thursday, February 25, 2010, heartily vanquishing The Dog Pounder to earn it. Unfortunately, brutal defeat came soon after, at the merciless hands of Hercules "Hurk" Thrillcox, Stuntmaniac.

This hero's magnaminous likeness was captured at the moment of glorious triumph by Sutter .


Quotes overheard while standing in the crowd that gathered to watch the carnage…

  1. So any time you're getting low
    Instead of letting go,
    Just remember that ant.
    Oops, there goes another rubber mallet.
    Oops, there goes another puppy whack.
    Oops, there goes another hero that can't.

    Frank Sinatra | [ a ]
  2. Mr. Sinatra! You're back!

    Hey, in Ocean's Eleven, how come Mr. Roper didn't get more screen time?

    bearskinrug | [ a ]

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Forge Smith

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