Reverts princes to frogs within seconds of exposure

Ever meet a frog that makes YOU croak?

Amphibior held the coveted title of Current Champ from Tuesday, September 22, 2009 to Thursday, September 24, 2009, heartily vanquishing Prince Charming to earn it. Unfortunately, brutal defeat came soon after, at the merciless hands of Desikkate.

This hero's magnaminous likeness was captured at the moment of glorious triumph by Sutter .


Quotes overheard while standing in the crowd that gathered to watch the carnage…

  1. 'Even' or 'Ever'?

    Alexander | [ a ]
  2. someone pls explain, don't quite get it :-)

    GOOD GIRL | [ a ]
  3. Frog princess, she has to kiss the frog so he turns into her very own prince charming.. It seems this little guy reverses the spell..
    As the saying goes: "you have to kiss a lot of frogs.."

    Tanya | [ a ]
  4. PS: I LOVE that the frog is growling!!!

    tanya | [ a ]

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